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313 film production

313 film production is an independent Italian film production company founded in 2021 by Laura Belloni (CEO & Producer), Giulio Boato (Director & Editor) and Lorenzo Danesin (Composer & Sound Designer). Boato and Danesin began their artistic careers collaborating on their very first projects for screen and stage. In all their works video and sound are conceived as moving in parallel, organically organizing their final work. Until now, Boato and Danesin have made 12 films, including both medium and feature films. In 2016 they meet Belloni, and together they have produced 3 films. In 2021 Belloni, Boato and Danesin founded 313 Film Production, united by the common goal of creating quality audiovisual products that overlap documentary and fiction.

Giulio Boato

director & editor

Giulio Boato makes film about art and artists. He has currently made 12 films (medium and feature), including 3 artist portraits featuring Jan Fabre, Romeo Castellucci and Shiro Takatani.

Laura Belloni

CEO & producer

Since 2009 Laura Belloni has been working in the field of cultural production for theatre, festivals, companies and artists, overseeing projects, shows and films from their conception to their realization.

Lorenzo Danesin

composer & sound designer

Lorenzo Danesin works in a world between cinema and theatre, creating soundscapes and soundtracks. When working with Boato it is his job to take care of every aspect concerning sound, from start to finish.