In addition to films and documentaries, 313 produces audiovisual projects in the artistic sector, for museums, exhibitions, theatrical shows and performances. Examples are the films made for two Jan Fabre exhibitions (Among Spiritual Guards and Glass & Bones) as well as Trenodia from the collective performance of Mariangela and Vinicio Capossela.

In 2021, 313 created two videos for Venice’s Biennale Architettura, one for the Belgian pavilion and one for the Dutch pavilion.

On the 27th November, 2021, the short film Paradiso was presented out of competition at the 39th Torino Film Festival.

On 1st December, 2021, the short film Shelley in Rome was released: an immersive video story with 3-dimensional sound produced by 313 film production for the Keats-Shelley Memorial House.

projects 2021

Biennale Architettura 2021

a still from the video for the Dutch pavilion

Paradiso © Daniele Casadio

a still from Shelley in Rome
(the short film is available here)