THEATRON | Romeo Castellucci

We are bullets made of flesh, fallen to Earth. That is a tragedy… But there is also a lot to laugh about.

Romeo Castellucci is a complex artist, one of the main figures in contempo­rary theatre. Over the last thirty years, Castellucci and his theatre company, the Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, have staged performances all over Europe and have become one of the leaders in avant­-garde theatre. THEATRON paints a portrait of a unique artist: Romeo and Claudia Castellucci’s comment bind to all the testimonies of the many dramatists, composers, choreographers, critics and actors (including Willem Dafoe) who have collaborated with the director. Including clips from rehearsals in several European theatres, the film is a deep reflection not just about performance, but also about the connection between the author and their representation of Human Nature.

2018 – 54’ ­

a film by Giulio Boato

direction, camera, editing Giulio Boato
sound and music Lorenzo Danesin

producer Gildas le Roux
production La Compagnie des Indes (France)

awards: Best documentary, New Renaissance Film Festival 2018 (London, UK); Best Performance Movie, Fine Arts Film Festival 2019 (Los Angeles, USA)

Festivals 2019: FIFA festival of films on art (Canada, Montreal); Epos Art Film Festival (Tel-Aviv, Israel); La Triennale-Fog Festival (Milano, Italy); Lugano in scena (Lugano, Switzerland); Asolo Art film Festival (Asolo, Italy); Kilowatt Festival (Sansepolcro, Italy); University of Arts of Targu-Mures (Targu-Mures, Romania); Meet the docs (Forlì, Italy).

Festival 2018: Segal Center Film Festival on Theatre and Performance (New York, USA); Biografilm Festival (Bologna, Italy); New Renaissance Film Festival (London, UK); EX|ART film festival (Pavia, Italy); TTV Festival (Riccione, Italy); Cinema del Carbone (Mantova, Italy).

Television: Rai 5 and RaiPaly (Italy, 2021)

DVD edition: Romeo Castellucci, La Compagnie des Indes editions, published on 4/12/2018