Riproduci video

Jan Fabre’s 24h performance masterpiece Mount Olympus glorifies the cult of tragedy. The rehearsals took place in his theatre-laboratorium, involving 27 performers for 12 months.  Director Phil Griffin, former dancer with Fabre (The dance sections, 1987) personally followed the last 4 months of rehearsals with his cameras: he not only filmed the performers, echoing their on stage movements, but also the artist’s reactions, conversations with the cast, their collective concerns. The editing of this great mass of raw footage took two years: in collaboration with Giulio Boato, Griffin reconstructed a new dramaturgy, different from that of the show and yet based on the same images. Thus a film was born that is not only a unique document of an unrepeatable creative process, but an artistic reworking of the collective energy which characterizes theatrical creation, where the result is still uncertain.

2017 – 145′

written and directed by Phil Griffin
editing, dramaturgy assistance Giulio Boato
sound design, sound mix Lorenzo Danesin
camera Phil Griffin
production Alchemy Pictures (UK)
coproduction Troubleyn/Jan Fabre (Belgium)

Festivals 2018: Cinedans (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Segal Center Film Festival on Theatre and Performance (New York, USA)
Festival 2017: Cineteca di Bologna (Bologna, Italy) Romaeuropa Festival (Rome, Italy).