Riproduci video

Madame de Sévigné was born in Paris on January the 5th, 1626. She wrote more than a thousand letters to her daughter. Today, her epistles brought her fame due to the particular originality inherent in their writing, portraying an unusual quality for the period. Sévigné frequented the court: in her letters we find incredible descriptions of Versailles, of witch hunts, all alongside observations on the vagaries of the Sun King and his various lovers. Above all though, we read about the immense love of a mother for her daughter. In this production The DOYOUDaDA collective take a high-speed trip into the complex personality of one of the most interesting women from the Great French Century, creating a kind of pop epic via their contemporary interpretation of Sévigné’s letters. Between palace intrigues, health advice and haute couture, the audience will realize that the court of Louis XIV was not so far from our own world today.


direction and dramaturgy Giulio Boato
text by Madame de Sévigné translated by Giulio Boato
original music and sound design Lorenzo Danesin
with Juliette Fabre, Andrea Pergolesi, Lorenzo Danesin
costume designer Gloria Naletto
production DOYOUDaDA