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«Selfie. Noun, informal. A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.»

What are the drivers of our choices, of our behavior? To what extent are our actions influenced by the gaze of others? And what role does biology play, i.e our “belonging to the animal world”, in our daily lives, in our group-based lives? How much is all this related to the concept of (self) reproduction? SELFIE // STICK is a diptych that stages the fractures and connections between the self and the other, between nature and culture, between male and female (and all the infinite middle ground between) through the bodies and images of two figures, amplified by live technologies.


Concept, live visual Giulio Boato
music, live electronics Lorenzo Danesin

performers Alessia Barbiero, Juliette Fabre
voice over Francesco Zanetti

Scientific consultant Tito Panciera
dramaturgy consultant Sergio Meggiolan
coreographic consultant Lara Russo

production DOYOUDaDA, La Piccionaia, Teatro del Lemming

Awards: Critic Prize @ Festival Presente Futuro 2018 (Teatro Libero, Palermo)

Winner bando residenze Teatro voce delle società giovanile, Endas Emilia Romagna (ITC Teatro di San Lazzaro)