L’uomo rivoltato

Riproduci video

A man finds himself thrown into an absurd world, where nothing happens the way he wants it to. This divergence between his dreams, his desires, his love and the inexorable reality of life drives him to revolt. The choice of revolt is ambitious, but far from obvious: anger, suffering, despair and irony are the weapons in the hands of a man who wants to become a hero. The rebel loves with the eloquence of a romantic poet and with the naivety of a child. He shouts with the strength of a titan and the fragility of a dry leaf. He laughs like a devil, dances like a madman, relates tales as a storyteller. Whether sad and miserable, whether noble and radiant, every human face is exalted; be it in its splendor or its destructive force.


a show by and with Pietro Quadrino

directed by Giulio Boato
original music and sound design Lorenzo Danesin

production Post Scriptum Company
coproduction Troubleyn/Jan Fabre