L'uomo che cammina

Riproduci video

A man walks for 5 hours through the city of Rome, from the Imperial Forum to the mouth of the Tiber river (where the filmmaker Pasolini was killed). The camera follows him at a distance, spying on him yet never revealing his face. Through this journey (which began as a live performance for 15 spectators per day, enacted by the DOM- artistic collective), the city of Rome is opened up to the eyes of a spectator: the contrasts between center and periphery, between concrete and nature, between ancient history and globalization. In this cinematic translation by Boato & Danesin the camera becomes a body-spectator, ready to penetrate deeper into the very substance of the landscape. The audiovisual rendering of the journey is a pretext for translating into cinema the very theatrical notion of “experience”.

2019 – 60’ ­
a film by Boato\Danesin
direction, camera, editing by Giulio Boato
music and sound by Lorenzo Danesin

producer Laura Belloni
production PAV (Italy)
in collaboration with Kublai Film and DOM-

from the original live-performance by DOM-
by Valerio Sirna and Leonardo Delogu
with Mario D’Amico and with Natalia Agati, Mattia Fiorenza, Matteo Locci, Marta Olivieri, Franca Vannini, Antonio Zuccari

Festival 2020: FIFA Art film festival (Canada, Montreal)

Festivals 2019: Short Theatre (Italy, Rome); Totem scene urbane (Italy, Ferrara)