Jungle Dream

Riproduci video

Jungle Dream is a dreamlike portrayal of a man represented over three different stages of his life: childhood, adulthood and maturity. The man reflects on his own condition and in particular on that of the actor, constantly subjected to the look of others. This relationship with the The Other becomes a constituent element of existence, of self-mirroring and the soul mate. In the sixteenth century, King Louis XIV proclaimed himself “Roi Soleil”, the Sun King. He tried to deny the darkness that envelops human solitude and made his entire life a show, a stage always brilliantly illuminated and visible to all. In the 21st century, social media are the expression of the self same perverse and burning desires: to not be forgotten and to halt the march of time. To what extent is this utopia oppressive? And in the pursuit of oneself through the eyes of others, what role has a feeling so abused yet so indispensable as love?


directed by Giulio Boato and Pietro Quadrino
text Pietro Quadrino
with Pietro Quadrino, Marc Moon Van Overmeir, Paola Cabello, Sarah Cabello, Nicola Donati

production Post Scriptum Company
coproduction Troubleyn/Jan Fabre, 104 Paris, Angelo Mai