Lorenzo Danesin

composer & sound designer

Lorenzo Danesin

Lorenzo Danesin (Treviso, 1988) is a sound designer, composer and sound engineer.
He studied classical guitar at the “Benedetto Marcello” Conservatory in Venice and History and 
the Protection of Musical Cultural Heritage at the University of Padova.

In cinema, he worked from the beginning with Giulio Boato, directing sound and composing the soundtracks on all their films. In 2021 he founded 313, together with Giulio Boato and Laura Belloni.
He has curated the soundtracks, sound design and sound editing for several short and medium length films, including Animata Resistenza (awarded a Lion for Best Documentary on Cinema in the Venezia Classici section at the 71st Venice International Film Festival 2014), Jan Fabre. Beyond the artist (2015), Theatron | Romeo Castellucci (2018), Shiro Takatani – between nature and technology (2019).

In 2013 he founded the DOYOUDaDA theatre collective, alongside Giulio Boato and Juliette Fabre. Nowadays he collaborates with Italian theatre companies Frosini/Timpano, Bluemotion and Bartolini/Baronio. In 2019 he was responsible for sound on the show Il ragazzo dell’ultimo banco, produced by the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, and on Una banca popolare produced by the Stabile del Veneto. In 2021 the show Ottantanove by Compagnia Frosini Timpano, produced by the Teatro Metastasio had its premiere.

He has worked on numerous commercials as well as audiovisual products for various national and international companies, including Audible. For them he oversaw the sound and sound design of Alexandra Badea’s Europe Connection 2020 audio-book.

2022, TO STAGE THE MUSIC - HEINER GOEBBELS. Directed by Giulio Boato, produced by 313 film production (Italy), in coproduction with Vertical Production (France), In The Cut (France), inselfilm produktion (Germany)

2022, TIZIANO, L'IMPERO DEL COLORE. Co-directed by Giulio Boato and by Laura Chiassone, a production by Kublai Film, Sky Italia, Arte/ZDF, Zetagoup, Gebrueder Beetz

2020, THEATRE INSIGHT – Stories from Fabulamundi. Directed by Giulio Boato, produced by PAV (Italy)

2019, TRENODIA. Directed by Giulio Boato, produced by Matera Capital Culture and Sponz Fest (Italy)

2019, L'UOMO CHE CAMMINA. Directed by Giulio Boato, produced by PAV (Italy)

2019, SHIRO TAKATANI - between nature and technology. Directed by Giulio Boato, produced by Idéale Audience (France)

2019, NOT ONCE. An art installation with film by Jan Fabre & Mikhail Baryshnikov. Produced by Angelos (Belgium)

2018, THEATRON | Romeo Castellucci. Directed by Giulio Boato, produced by La Compagnie des Indes (France)

2018, RAGAZZI. Directed by Giulio Boato, produced by Kublai Film (Italy)

2017, GLASS AND BONES. Directed by Giulio Boato, produced by by La Compagnie des Indes (France)

2017, SURRENDER. Directed by Phil Griffin, produced by Alchemy Pictures (UK)

2016, AMONG SPIRITUAL GUARDS. Directed by Giulio Boato, produced by La Compagnie des Indes (France)

2015, JAN FABRE. BEYOND THE ARTIST. Directed by Giulio Boato, produced by La Compagnie des Indes (France)

2014, ANIMATA RESISTENZA. Directed by Francesco Montagner and Alberto Girotto.

2021, OTTANTANOVE, by Frosini Timpano, Teatro Metastasio

2021, DISPREZZO DELLA DONNA, by Frosini Timpano, Kataklisma Teatro

2019, IL RAGAZZO DELL’ULTIMO BANCO, directed by Jacopo Gassmann, Piccolo Teatro di Milano

2019, NEVER ENDING MACHINE, directed by Stefano Scandaletti, Teatro Stabile del Veneto

2019, SELFIE / STICK, by doyoudada

2018, SAVANA PADANA, directed by Stefano Scandaletti, Teatro Stabile del Veneto

2017, THERE HAS POSSIBILE BEEN AN INCIDENT, directed by Jacopo Gassmann, Centro Culturale Mobilità Delle Arti

2017, JUNGLE DREAM, by Post Scriptum Company

2017, CÉLINE, by Giulio Boato and Andrea Pergolesi.

2017, EL PLANTO DE LA VERZENE MARIA, Basilica di San Francesco di Treviso

2016, L’UOMO RIVOLTATO, by Post Scriptum Company

2015, SÈVIGNÈ, by doyoudada

2014, BALLATA PER VENEZIA, by doyoudada

2014, NASCOSTA, by Fucina Del Corago


2014 SEXY HAMBURGERS | hommage a Jacques Prevert, by doyoudada

2014, DOYOUDADA IN KONZERT, by doyoudada

2013, BALLATA PER VENEZIA | dialogo armato tra una donna e un violoncello, by doyoudada

2022, BE YOUR CHANGE, podcast, produced by Voice for Brunello Cucinelli

2022, BIAS, sound for an exhibition by Claudia Pajewski for MAXXI L'Aquila

2021, ARCHEOLOGIE FUTURE, 5 installation site-specific from the shows of the theatrical company Frosini Timpano

2021, IN ARTE SGARBI, podcast, produced by Voice for Quotidiano Nazionale

2020, EUROPE CONNECTION by Alexandra Badea, audiobook, produced by PAV for Audible by Amazon

2017, UPSTAIRS, Hausbrandt S.P.A.

2017, L’INIZIO DI UN VIAGGIO, Ritz Saddler



2017, 3GP, Prosecco Fiol


2016, MONTENEGRO, Dimensione Turismo


2015, CIPRO NORD, Dimensione Turismo