giulio boato

director & editor

Giulio Boato

Giulio Boato (Venice, 1988) is a Director and Video Editor.

He studied Visual and Performing Arts at the Universities of Venice, Bologna, Bordeaux and Paris3, Currently he lives in Bordeaux, France.

In 2012 he created his first video-art work, together with composer and sound designer Lorenzo Danesin. The two have worked together ever since. In 2013 they founded the theatre collective DOYOUDaDA together with actress and cellist Juliette Fabre. Their exploration of mediums has been evolving through time, mixing live shows with soundscapes and video installations. Theatrically, they also collaborate with performer Pietro Quadrino (L’uomo rivoltato, Jungle Dream).

In 2015 Boato made his first documentary about Jan Fabre, one that was awarded Best Art Documentary at Rome’s 2015 Conversazioni Video (the International Festival of Documentaries about Art and Architecture). Boato consolidated his collaboration with Fabre by co-directing a live TV broadcast of the artist’s 24-hour long theatre play Mount Olympus (2017) as well as directing two short films about Fabre’s exhibitions entitled Among Spiritual Guards (2016) and Glass & Bones (2017), the latter awarded Best Short Documentary at the Los Angeles Master Doc Film Festival. Boato edited Surrender, a film directed by Phil Griffin about the Mount Olympus creative process. He then continued his collaboration with Griffin and Fabre by editing the video installation Not Once, featuring ballet superstar Michail Barysnikov.

After it’s initial 2018 Biografilm Festival premier in Bologna, Italy, he presented the film THEATRON | Romeo Castellucciat at New York’s Segal Center. THEATRON was awarded Best Feature Documentary at London’s 2018 New Renaissance Film Festival and Best Film on Performance at the 2019 Los Angeles Fine Arts Film Festival.

In 2019 he released a film about the Japanese media artist Shiro Takatani (a former member of Dumb Type), selected in competition at Montreal’s 2019 FIFA (The International Festival of Film on Art). The film premiered at the Romaeuropa Festival in 2019, where his film Rivale was also screened. The latter is a cinematographic work operating between film and opera, and based on the music of Italian contemporary composer Lucia Ronchetti.

Together with Lorenzo Danesin, he directed L’uomo che cammina – The Walking Man (2019), an immersive video-installation based on a landscape performance by DOM – (Leonardo Delogu and Valerio Sirna). This was selected for competition at FIFA 2020.

In 2021 he founded 313 together with Lorenzo Danesin and Laura Belloni.


2022, TO STAGE THE MUSIC - HEINER GOEBBELS. Directed by Giulio Boato, produced by 313 film production (Italy), in coproduction with Vertical Production (France), In The Cut (France), inselfilm produktion (Germany)

2022, TIZIANO, L'IMPERO DEL COLORE co-directed by Giulio Boato and by Laura Chiassone, a production by Kublai Film, Sky Italia, Arte/ZDF, Zetagoup, Gebrueder Beetz

2020, THEATRE INSIGHT – Stories from Fabulamundi, produced by PAV (Italy)

2020, TRENODIA, produced by Matera Capital Culture and Sponz Fest (Italy)

2019, RIVALE, produced by Kublai Film (Italy)

2019, L'UOMO CHE CAMMINA, produced by PAV (Italy)

2019, SHIRO TAKATANI - between nature and technology, produced by Idéale Audience (France)

2019, MAR GH'ERA, produced by Indaco (Italy)

2018, THEATRON | Romeo Castellucci, produced by La Compagnie des Indes (France)

2018, RAGAZZI, produced by Kublai Film (Italy)

2017, GLASS AND BONES, produced by La Compagnie des Indes (France)

2017, SURRENDER, Directed by Phil Griffin, produced by Alchemy Pictures (UK)

2016, AMONG SPIRITUAL GUARDS, produced by La Compagnie des Indes (France)

2015, JAN FABRE. BEYOND THE ARTIST, produced by La Compagnie des Indes (France)

2019, SELFIE / STICK, by doyoudada

2017, JUNGLE DREAM, by Post Scriptum Company

2017, CÉLINE, by Giulio Boato and Andrea Pergolesi.

2016, L’UOMO RIVOLTATO, by Post Scriptum Company

2015, SÈVIGNÈ, by doyoudada

2014, BALLATA PER VENEZIA, by doyoudada


2014 SEXY HAMBURGERS | hommage a Jacques Prevert, by doyoudada

2014, DOYOUDADA IN KONZERT, by doyoudada

2013, BALLATA PER VENEZIA | dialogo armato tra una donna e un violoncello, by doyoudada

2020-2022 Influx – Le magazine culturel de l’Euroregion (3 seasons) mini-series documentary, directed by Annabella Basurko, produced by Novanima (France), coproduced by France 3 nouvelle Aquitaine

2021 Bruissages (theatre trailer) produced by Ecalts (France)

2021 Steven Cohen (theatre trailer) produced by Cie Steven Cohen (France)

2020 La forêt de caimbé / Ti Jaq / Incroyables trouvailles pour ma poupée (theatre trailers) produced by La ronde des crayons (France)

2020 Oiseau Margelle (theatre trailer) produced by Les 13 lunes (France)

2018, NOT ONCE. An art installation with film by Jan Fabre & Mikhail Baryshnikov, produced by Angelos (Belgium)

2019 Uovo (theatre trailer), produced by Gabriella Marion

2019 Sei stato tu / Scarpe di cuoio / Mignolina / Spostati di un pelimetro (theatre trailers), produced by La Piccionaia (Italy)

2019 Once upon a time (theatre trailer), produced by Theatre Thump!

2019 Il coraggio della rivoluzione (music clip) produced by Storie Storte (itlay)

2017 Medoc / Saint Emilion (commercials), produced by Rendez-vous au Chateau (France).

2016 Tomorrowland (theatre trailer) produced by Charron/Chambon (France)

2014 Scilla (video art), produced by Associazione Italiana Febbri Periodiche

2013 One Minute loops (video installation)

2012 Silenzi (video art)